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What are the expected transfer times?


When Adding Money, as soon as your card authorises payment, your funds will be available in your Circle account! Cashing Out to your card will take 1-4 business days to complete, as your card provider must process the incoming funds (Circle sends the funds immediately).

Bank Accounts

When Cashing Out to a bank account, we start processing the payment immediately through Faster Payments, and your funds will be available in your bank account within 1 hour. While the transaction is being processed, it will be shown as Pending in your Circle transaction history, and it will change to Complete once we receive a confirmation from the payment processor that it has reached its destination (your bank account). You cannot add money from a European or UK bank account at the moment.

On Weekends or Holidays

Weekend days or bank holidays, such as Good Friday or Boxing Day, are not counted as part of the 1-4 business day timeline for cashing out with cards .

Please keep in mind that business days are Monday-Friday only and don’t include public holidays.

Here are a few examples of adding money and cashing out on weekends:

Example 1:

Mary Smith cashes out to her card on Wednesday. The processing time is 1-4 business days, meaning she’ll have access to them in her card account by the end of the day Monday of the following week at the latest, since the weekend days don’t count as business days.

Example 2:

Chris Miles transfers funds to his card on Thursday evening before Good Friday. The transaction will start processing on Monday, and will appear in his card account by Friday at the latest.