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Trouble transacting?

We do our best to make sending money fast, easy, and free! But sometimes these things take time. Here are some scenarios when transacting is not instant:

Card transaction โ€œpendingโ€?

This means we are currently reviewing your transaction details. Security is our top priority and when a transaction raises our eyebrows, we want to make sure that everything is set for future success with Circle! You should hear from someone on our Account Services team within 48-72 hours with more information about the progress of your transaction.

Note:ย For every card transaction there is a pre-authorization. This means your card can be charged but that charge will remain in a pending state (even if the transaction was canceled on Circleโ€™s end). Donโ€™t worry though - if the transaction is canceled the charge will drop off the statement once your card provider receives word that the transaction did not complete, which can take 1-4 business days!

We might need more info.

We need some time to review your account. We want your future experience with Circle to be as smooth as possible, so during this period, we take an extra moment to set up your account which will prevent any future hiccups. You should hear back from our team within 48-72 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

Theย feature isn't enabled.

This message is seen most often in association with the identity verification process, but we will be able to provide more context once we take a look at your account! If you have not reached out to us yet, you should do so by logging in to your Circle account and navigating to the Help page to Send a Message to us so we can look into it!

If one of your transactions fails, you should keep an eye out for the message that appears in Circle, as it will provide some additional information. Between the in-app message and the three cases above, you should have a pretty good idea about the issue you are having!