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Circle Glossary

All the words related to the Circle Experience 📖 🔮 

Debit Cards

The best thing to link to Circle. Fast, easy, free.


Means Automated Clearing House. It's a network that banks use to communicate to one another.

Two-factor authentication

Another layer of security when taking actions on your account. Usually a SMS or TOTP code.

Transfer Timelines

While most transfers are instant, sometimes there are delays!

Processing fees

Credit card transactions usually have a fee due to our Merchant Category Code.

Merchant Category Code

How other institutions categorize our payments. Ours is 6051.

Exchange fees

When you pay for something that costs $1, but you use British Pounds, there can be an exchange fee.

Money Messages

The phrase we use for what you can send and request to others using Circle.


A curated source of GIFs.

FDIC Insurance

Means that Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects your US Dollars if an FDIC-insured bank or savings association fails


You can invite your friends to Circle using the Circle Pay app to make money.


Means Know Your Customer. Circle has to abide by country regulatory policies, which means we need to know who you are in order to provide a money transferring service.