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Sending money via iMessage

In order to send money with Circle in iMessage, you will need to have an iPhone with iOS 10 or later. You will also need the most recent version of the Circle Pay app, which can be downloaded here. After you download the most recent version, you’ll want to make sure you are signed in to your app before sending money.

Once you set it up, you can send money to anyone around the world! The recipient will only need a web-enabled iPhone/Android that can receive text messages and download our app; they don’t need iOS 10 to accept. If they are not already a Circle user, they’ll need to sign up before they can accept the payment. See the bottom of this article for Troubleshooting Tips.

Adding Circle to your iMessage

Once you have a conversation opened in iMessage, tap  and then tap the App Store icon () next to the iMessage text box. Then, tap  in the bottom left corner of your screen, and tap ; you will either tap on Manage to toggle Circle to be green, or download the most updated version of Circle from the store if you have not done so.

Sending Money

Once you have Circle integrated with your iMessage, all you have to do is tap the App Store icon again (), tap the four circles in the bottom left (), then tap the Circle icon.

Choose the currency, the amount you’d like to send, and then tap Send (Your Chosen Amount).

Make sure to then send the funds as a message by tapping on the send arrow (). The recipient will have to tap the payment bubble, and the funds will be added to their Circle account balance!

If the recipient does not have a Circle account, they will be asked to sign up for an account to claim the funds.

Receiving/Claiming Funds

If you are on iOS 10, tap the Circle payment bubble in the iMessage conversation to open the screen that allows you to claim the money sent to you. If you are on Android or an older version of iOS, you will receive a separate tappable link in the same text message thread that can be used to accept the payment. You will have to tap on the payment and accept it in order to have it added to your Circle account balance.

Troubleshooting Tips

If iMessage has frozen and you only see the Circle logo when you tap on our icon, you should force close iMessage, delete your Circle Pay app from your phone, and download it again. This reinstall should allow it to go through smoothly the next time around.

If you encounter any other hold-ups, a couple things could be going wrong. Here are some ways that you can troubleshoot:

  • Make sure you are signed into Circle Pay via the app
  • If you are having difficulty installing the Circle Pay extension in iMessage, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Circle Pay app on your phone
  • If all else fails, restart your device; this tends to be a cure-all