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How does Circle's currency pricing work?

When converting from one currency to another with Circle, you will be quoted a competitive price derived by aggregating data from a range of market sources, which may include our banking partners and exchanges. Most of the time, though not always, the price will reflect the interbank mid-market rate plus a spread. You can check the mid-market rate from independent online market data providers such as Google and Yahoo.

The spread may change based on the currencies that you are converting and the size of your conversion. For amounts below $3,000, Circle may charge zero spread on your conversion, which means that you will be quoted the mid-market rate. For amounts larger than $3,000, Circle may add a spread on your conversion, which could result in a higher buy price or a lower sell price than you would have seen for smaller amounts. This threshold is subject to change; in other words, you might see a spread on conversions as low as $1,500 depending on the current market for buying/selling.

The price will be quoted to you before you complete the transaction.

Circle does not charge any fees on top of this price. The price quoted at the time of the conversion will be the price that you receive.