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Security at Circle

Here at Circle, we want to make sure our customers feel secure. We protect both you and your data in a variety of ways to ensure a seamless and secure payment experience. 🔐

Storing Your Personal Information

AES 128-bit symmetric encryption & PCI Compliant

All personal and financial information is encrypted with two levels of AES 128-bit symmetric encryption. In other words, the data is encrypted using keys that are themselves encrypted using other keys, with separate key storage mechanisms for each layer. Circle is fully PCI-DSS compliant as a business.

Account Protection Features

Two-factor sign in, logout active sessions

Circle requires two-factor authentication when signing up and signing in, so even if your password is compromised there are reinforcements to help keep your information safe! (What is two-factor authentication?)

You also have the option to a) sign out of all of your current sessions on your devices if you lose a device or fear one of your devices was compromised and b) set send/cash out thresholds that require two-factor authentication.

Regulated like a bank

Regulated by FinCEN, audited regularly

We are registered as a federally regulated money services business with the US Dept of Treasury’s FinCEN. Our technology and accounting practices are audited regularly, and our team has a track record of success in both technology and financial innovation/regulation, with team members who worked for the JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and numerous successful technology companies.

Be sure you’re insured

FDIC Insurance

All USD balances are backed by FDIC insurance for up to $250,000. For more information on that, see Section 11 of our User Agreement.

World class support team

Contact us whenever you have security questions or concerns!

If you ever have any questions about security, or something seems off, we welcome you to reach out to our world class Circle support team! We are a simple call or message away, and we are experts on both the product and surrounding security measures Circle takes in order to keep you safe. For a list of numbers where you can reach us, check out this help article.

When signed in to your account, you can always click/tap on Help in the menu in order to send our team a message from within Circle. If there is a security issue, be sure to include details that will help our support agents sort out the situation!

BE SAFE (stranger danger)

Only send to family and friends!

Although we spend a lot of time keeping you secure, we still encourage each and every one of our customers to be safe when using Circle. Treat money on Circle like you would treat cash in person: don’t give it away to people you don’t know.

Only send money to family and friends, and never give away any login information, or financial details. For more tips on sending money safely, check out this help article.