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Trouble adding your card or bank account?

If you are having trouble linking a card or bank account to your Circle account, there could be a couple things going on:

Maybe you've exceeded the attempts?

You’re seeing this message because you have connected the maximum number of linked accounts allowed. Failed attempts and deleted accounts count against this limit, but we can increase the limit for you! Reach out to us by logging in to your Circle account and navigating to the Help section to Send a Message to have another attempt added. We will be happy to assist!

Seeing that info is incorrect?

Make sure you double check the information on your card! If you are sure that you entered the correct billing postal code, reach out to your bank. They should have everything on file for that card. If you have called the bank and confirmed that the information you entered is correct, please reach out to us by logging in to your Circle account and navigating to the Help page to Send a Message to us so we can look into it!

Seeing “pending”?

When a card seems to have been successfully added but then shows up as “pending” when looking at your Cards settings, that is an indicator that we do not support that card type at the moment. Learn more about which card types we support here. The most common unsupported card types are prepaid/reloadable cards, cards from unsupported countries, and NetSpend cards. As we grow, we will work towards supporting as many cards as possible. Refer back to that article in the future to stay updated!

Want to delete an outdated or canceled card or bank account? Just go to Settings and click or tap on Cards and Banks. Select the account to Edit it, and select the option to Remove/Delete Account