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Why are there limits?

Limits provide a way for Circle to stay safe and protect you financially. It also gives us an opportunity to grow together and build a lasting relationship 👬

  1. Limits start at $400 per week. This is only for adding money to your Circle account from your card or bank account, and sending money from your debit card. There are no limits for transferring money out of your Circle account balance.
  2. Limits reset on a rolling 7 day period 📆
  3. We understand you may want more than $400 per week. By sharing a few more details about yourself, you can request an increase to $3000 per week.
  4. You can find these limits in your Settings.
  5. If you have already requested a limit increase from us and have not heard back, you do not yet qualify for an increase but your account is currently in the queue for an automated limit increase. Our system is constantly cycling through accounts in this queue to scan for limit increase eligibility. Once your account qualifies, your limits will be increased by our system and you will receive an email confirming your newly upgraded limits.

Note: $3000 per week is pretty much our max. It’s almost impossible to get approved for anything higher.