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Tips on sending money safely

You can send money to anyone in the US, UK and parts of Europe🌎🌍🌏 — no matter what bank they use. Plus, it’s free, secure and fast.

Just keep these tips in mind:

  1. Double check that you have the right email address or phone number for your recipient before you send the money. (Copying and pasting is a good idea.)
  2. Only send money to people and businesses you know and trust. As much as we’d like to help, payments to internet scammers can’t be recovered because we don’t support merchant accounts. So please be careful! Watch out for merchants like event ticket sellers, Craigslist posters and Instagram boutiques. Section 7 of our User Agreement spells out why we can’t intervene in the event of a dispute, and you can learn more about how to avoid internet scams from the FTC website
  3. Review transaction details before finalizing.

Some helpful examples:

Ella the Exemplary 👸

Ella knows that her brother’s friend Oscar makes and sells jewelry. She wants to pay for a bracelet over Circle. Before sending the funds, Ella messages Oscar to verify email address. She then copies and pastes the address he provides when prompted by Circle. Life is beautiful — and so is Ella’s new bracelet.


Sam the Scammed 😰

Sam orders a new laptop case from a random website he finds online. He’s instructed to send funds to a phone number, which he does through his Circle account. Several weeks later, the laptop case (and the company’s contact information) is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, because Circle transactions are irreversible, Sam is out of luck — and a laptop case.