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How do I add a photo to my Circle account?

Note: You can only upload your own profile picture from the Circle Pay app. This option is not available at https://www.circle.com.

From Your Smartphone


  1. Once logged in to your account, go to your Settings then Profile.
  2. Click on the circle with the camera icon at the top of the Edit Profile view, you will be asked whether you want to Take Photo or Choose Existing Photo.
  3. If you’re feeling like a million bucks 💰, choose Take Photo. You will be able to use your phone’s camera to take a selfie, which will be instantly uploaded to your profile.
  4. If you’re having a bad hair day 💇, you can choose from older photos stored on your phone by selecting Choose Existing Photo.
  5. If your mood changes and you decide you don’t want a photo on your Circle account, you are always welcome to follow the same steps and select Remove Photo to delete your profile photo.

Gravatar Option

If you don't upload your own photo, Circle will use the globally recognized avatar management system called Gravatar for your account photo.

In order to modify your Gravatar photo, go to https://en.gravatar.com/ and create a Gravatar account using the same email address that you use for your Circle account.

Once you create an account, you'll be able to upload a photo from your computer. Gravatar can come in handy for other programs that you use as well, allowing you to maintain the same avatar across many websites!