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Signed up with the wrong email?

Signed up with the wrong email?

  1. Go to Settings Profile
  2. Add an email address below the current email address, make sure there are no errors
  3. Save




Verify secondary email address

  1. Go to your email
  2. Look for an email from Circle titled This is your email, right? Just open and verify.
  3. Click the green button in the email, which says YEP, IT'S MY EMAIL
  4. Your email is now verified, which means it is officially connected to your account!


Set email address as primary

  1. Go to Settings Profile
  2. Set the new email you just verified as primary
  3. Confirm and Save
  4. This will allow you to sign in with your new email and receive our transaction emails successfully.




Note: If you signed up for Circle with Facebook and do not have access to the email address associated with your Facebook account, first you will need to set a password in order to be able to change your primary email address. Go to Settings > Facebook and attempt to disconnect your Facebook account, which will prompt you to set a password for Circle. Once you have set a password, go back to Settings > Profile and you will be able to set a new email address as primary.