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Send Money from South Korea to Circle


We've partnered with the team at Korbit in South Korea.

If you live in South Korea and have a +82 phone number, you can sign up with Korbit and send money to a Circle account.

Here's how to send

  1. Register an account at www.korbit.co.kr
  2. Head to Global Transfers in your account
  3. Add a recipient that lives in the US 🇺🇸, UK 🇬🇧, IE 🇮🇪, ES 🇪🇸, or FR 🇫🇷.
  4. Follow the instructions in order to send

Note: If the recipient is a Circle customer they'll get a notification as usual and see the transaction appear in their account. If the recipient is not yet a Circle customer, they'll get a notification that they can pick up money whenever convenient.

If you'd like more information from Korbit, please take a look at their help article about sending to Circle here.