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What are the expected transfer times?

Debit Card

When Adding Money, as soon as your debit card authorizes payment, your funds will be available in your Circle account! Cashing Out is also instant in the United States: moving money from Circle to your debit card will take less than a minute to complete. As soon as the transaction shows as complete in Circle, it should be on your bank statement!

Bank Account

Adding Money from a bank account takes 1-4 business days due to the rules that govern the banking system. Cashing Out to your bank account will also take 1-4 business days. While these transactions are processing, they will show as Pending in your transaction details. Please keep in mind that we can’t speed-up the process - we immediately process your request.

On Weekends or Holidays

Weekend days or US Federal holidays, such as the Fourth of July or Labor Day, are not counted as part of the 1-4 business day timeline for transacting with bank accounts.

Please keep in mind that business days are Monday-Friday only and don’t include public holidays.

Here are a few examples of adding money and cashing out on weekends:

Example 1:

John Doe adds money on Friday from his bank account before 7 pm EST so that it starts processing on Friday. The processing time is 1-4 business days, so he’ll have access to the money by Thursday of the following week at the latest, since the weekend days don’t count as business days.

Example 2:

Mary Smith cashes out to her debit card on Wednesday. She should be able to switch from her Circle Pay app to her banking app and see those funds right away!

Example 3:

Chris Miles transfers funds to his bank account on Saturday. The transaction will start processing on Monday, and will appear in his bank account by Friday at the latest.